About Us

Beara Bitters was founded by two female entrepreneurs, born from their shared
love of the Irish land, combined with the richness of the seasonal flavours available.

Both Mary & Loretto are from a farming background.
Farm life gave Mary her love of the environment and the science behind what
could be grown on the land. She completed her MSc in Evolutionary Biology,
then spent the following 6 years working on projects that breed new cultivars of
plants, thereby cementing her love of plants.

Like Mary, Loretto grew up on a
farm. She worked for almost 40 years in Teagasc and her experience of working
with farm families in particular provided her with expertise in the world of ever
evolving small business. Loretto is the culinary scientist of the team. She
experiments in the kitchen developing and matching flavours, determining the
best fusion of fruit and botanicals to create the unique taste of Beara Bitters.
Influenced by the rich and authentic Irish drinks industry and a love of cocktails
they realised that the right mix and flavours of botanicals could transform

Bitters are a highly concentrated alcohol made from natural fruits, nuts and
seeds infused in alcohol. Beara Bitters is made from organic alcohol and natural
ingredients infused together in stages to create a highly aromatic premium

We have been given mentorship and support from a number of local and national agencies,