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Tropical Low-Alcohol Mimosa

So when people think of Mimosas they normally think of Champagne and orange juice, because that is the recipe! However, if you fancy something low-alcohol, than it's time to get creative!

Mimosas named after the flowers of the Mimosa tree. These are native to Australia but have come to be naturalised around the Mediterranean. They are prized as cut flowers for florists, and in Russia and Georgia they are given to women as gifts on International Women's Day, perhaps because the essence is used in perfumes.

Buttery light yellow profusions of flowers are silhouetted against darker foliage and an electric blue sky.
Flowers of the Australian Mimosa Tree

A Tropical Mimosa can substitute in mango, pineapple, pomegranate or any number of juices or purée. A Tropical low alcohol Mimosa has to substitute out the Champagne for something else, in this case Aldi's Zero Point Zero Sparkling Zero Alcohol. A surprisingly sweet and light non-alcoholic sparkling drink

A foil label with Zero Point Zero and gold foil on a black background is on a clear bottle with ruby tinted contents
Aldi's Zero Point Zero alcohol


  • 3oz. (90ml) Tropical juice/purée

  • 3oz. (90ml) Zero Point Zero

  • 2 dashes Beara Bitters Orange

  • (optional 1tsp. Grand Marnier)


  1. Fill Champagne flute with 3oz. orange juice

  2. Top with Zero Point Zero

  3. (optional, if using, add in tsp of Grand Marnier for added depth of orange flavour)

  4. Float two dashes of Beara Bitters Orange on top

Enjoy with brunch!

A glass is photographed slightly from above. The orange colour shades from light to dark down the shining curve of the glass.
Tropical Low-Alcohol Mimosa

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