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Beara Bitters

Crodino Non alcoholic Bitter Aperitif Box with Beara Bitters Orange and Poachers Soda

Crodino Non alcoholic Bitter Aperitif Box with Beara Bitters Orange and Poachers Soda

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Our Crodino Box comes with 6 bottles of Crodino, 2 bottles of Irish Poachers Soda Water and a bottle of Beara Bitters Orange bitters, ideal for a balmy summers day! Create cocktails for 6, or settle in for a night of sipping aromatic cocktails with your significant other.

Crodino has been made since 1964, as a non-alcoholic aperitif produced by the Campari group. It brings a diffuse orange to mixed drinks or can be consumed neat, however it really shines in mixed drinks.

Upfront it is sweet and unctuous with finishing notes of vanilla and gentian that lends a bittersweet palette finish.


Crodino Straight Up

  • Crodino
  • Orange Bitters

Using your biggest wine glass, fill it with ice and a slice of orange. Pour Crodino over and finish with a few dashes of Beara Bitters Orange.


Crodino and Soda

  • Crodino
  • Soda
  • Beara Bitters Orange

Fill a ballon glass with ice, pour in Crodino and finish with a splash of soda. Garnish with an orange twist and several dashes of Beara Bitters Orange.

Crodino Spritz

  • Crodino
  • Non-alcoholic sparkling wine/prosecco
Fill a glass with ice, top with sparkling wine, bitters and an orange wheel
Crodino and Vermouth
  • 1 bottle Crodino
  • 100ml Red Vermouth
  • Beara Bitters Orange
  • Slice of Lemon


Combine in a large tumbler with ice.

Simple and refreshing, the cocktail uses the vermouth to cut through the sweetness of the Crodino and the herbs in the vermouth compliment the spices in the Crodino

The outstanding cocktail associated with Crodino is the Sixteen Rum. The name is derived from a Count in Piedmont who, legend says, used the drink to attract the young and fashonable to his court. 


Sixteen Rum

25ml Martini Rosso
1 bottle Crodino
25ml White Rum
Beara Bitters Orange
Lemon Wedge

The Martini Rosso and Crodino balance, with the sweetness of the Crodino expertly balancing the herbaceous sourness of the Martini. The rum and lemon add freshness and tartness to the mix.


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